Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa - Wedding Ceremony & Marriage Registration Booking Office

PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE VISA - If you intend to sponsor your fiancé or fiancée who is currently outside Australia to apply for a Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa in order to enter Australia to marry you then please contact Melbourne Marriage Registration Centre immediately for expert advice.

Melbourne Marriage Registration Centre not only specialises in all type of Prospective Marriage Visa related wedding ceremony and marriage registration processes, but also can help you with all the Immigration Letters required by the Department of Home Affairs formerly known as Department of Immigration and Border Protection in relation to your fiancé or fiancée’s Prospective Marriage Visa Application.

Melbourne Marriage Registration Centre - Victorian Marriage Registration and Registry Style Wedding Ceremony Melbourne CBD Booking Office is located directly opposite the Melbourne Southern Cross Train Station.  Melbourne Marriage Registration Centre has a number of English and Chinese (Mandarin and/or Cantonese) speaking Authorized Marriage, Wedding and Civil Celebrants available in the State of Victoria.

Marriage Registration, Registry Style Wedding Ceremony and Special Occasion Celebration

1.    Marriage Registration.
2.    Registry Style Wedding Ceremony.
3.    Customized Wedding Ceremony.
4.    English and Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Wedding Ceremony.
5.    English and Chinese (Cantonese) Bilingual Wedding Ceremony.
6.    Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony.
7.    Baby Naming Ceremony.
8.    Renew of Vows Ceremony.
9.    Gay and Lesbian Same Sex Marriage Registration and Wedding Ceremony.
10.  Wedding Plan.
11.  Australian Ancestor's Special Blessing.

Partner (Spouse, Prospective Marriage, De Facto, Same Sex) Visa Application Assistance

If you have any difficulties or puzzles with your partner (spouse, de facto, same sex, prospective marriage) visa application, or your partner visa application has been refused by the Australian Department of Immigration & Border Protection, you should consider contacting the Australian top partner (spouse, de facto, same sex, prospective marriage) visa specialist Mr. Henry Qian from Victoria Migration Service Centre immediately by visiting Victoria Migration Service Centre’s official website at and to make an appointment to see Mr. Henry Qian who specializes in all type of partner visa application processes as well as highly complex partner visa application refusal Tribunal Merits Review (Appeal) cases.

Melbourne CBD Head Office Contact Details:

Suite 301
620 Collins St 
Tel:     +61 3 9629 6818
Mob:   0413 614 849 (7 days a week)